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We are delighted to partner with Forth Edge, the UK's first biomarker tracking service specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help you optimise your performance using simple at-home finger-prick blood tests.

Why Test?

Whether you're a recreational athlete, weekend warrior or simply love keeping fit you're likely to demand quite a lot from your body. You probably already track aspects of your training such as heart rate and intensity through smart devices. But to get the most out of your body you need to look beyond the surface and understand what's happening on the inside.

Biomarker testing and tracking gives you deep insights into your body. You can obtain valuable information on when you are over-trained, under-nourished or simply in need of a little bit of extra time on the sofa. Identifying these factors will help you to optimise your performance and improve your overall wellbeing.

Gaining this powerful insight is fast, simple and convenient. Order a test kit online, then collect your blood sample at home and post it to Forth's accredited lab. Your results will be reviewed by a sports medicine expert and made available within days on your own personal biometric dashboard. Forth's industry leading dashboard uses easy to understand graphics and simple descriptions that will help identify the cause of any dips in performance, giving insight into when to reduce activity level or improve diet and nutrition.

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